Richard Alan & Associates
Richard Alan:
Richard is an agency principal who is tasked with overseeing the day to day functioning of the entire team. Richard is also responsible for SE TX sales. Richard has earned his ALA CLMR designation and currently serves on their Board of Governors. The ALA has voted Richard as the "Pillar of the Lighting Industry" twice and most recently he was awarded the Residential Lighting Magazine Industry Leadership Award. Richard has been a Manufacturer's Sales Representative since 1992.

Cell: 225-268-5420. Email:
Jill Alan:
Jill is an agency principal who is responsible for all things financial in the agency. She handles ALL payables and receivables. Jill has over 20 years experience in this capacity.

Cell: 225-892-2526. Email:
Stan Simmons:
Stan is responsible for all Louisiana sales. Stan has earned his ALA CLMR certification and is a true lighting professional. He has been in this role since 2003.

Cell: 337-316-3763. Email:
Leah Simmons:
Leah is the Office Manager for the entire team. She is primarily responsible for quotations, RMAs and order processing. Her experience comes from being an attorney's assistant for years and as a result, Leah is phenomenal at multi- tasking.

Cell: 337-316-3762. Email:
Jim Hoopaugh:
Jim is an outside sales professional who is primarily tasked with servicing the Electrical Distribution channel in Southeast Texas. Jim is an excellent builder sales person as well, and as such is also co-responsible for servicing the SE TX builder business.

Cell: 281-850-6603. Email:
Pedro Albarran:
Pedro is our Manager of Merchandising and he is also tasked with servicing some specialty accounts that we have cultivated in SE TX. Pedro is bilingual which helps out quite often when training and assisting Spanish speaking contractors and end-users. He is well versed in systems sales too, i.e. Dimming and LED products.

Cell: 281-889-3065. Email:
Oseas Marroquin:
Oseas is a full time Merchandiser. He assists in displaying and effectively presenting our products in the various showrooms throughout SE TX. Oseas is also bilingual.

Robert Parker:
Robert is a young and assertive member of our team. He brings incredible enthusiasm and energy to his customers. Robert is co-responsible for both Electrical Distributors and Lighting Showrooms in North Texas.

Cell: 440-708-8719. Email:
Dane Brock:
Dane brings with him a unique combination of expertise. He is both a retail sales expert and a technological wiz making him a lethal outside sales person. Dane is comfortable in both worlds...Lighting Showroom and Electrical Distributors.

Cell: 979-204-0103. Email:
Catherine Duggar:
Catherine's experience comes from being a top performing sales person in a top Lighting Showroom. She has a true passion for the lighting business. Catherine knows what a showroom needs from their reps and aims to deliver just that. She covers SW TX with her husband for us.

Cell: 713-443-9276. Email:
Dean Duggar:
Dean is an incredible ally and asset for his customers. With a very keen understanding of what it takes to run a successful lighting showroom from the business perspective, Dean is a highly valued member of our team. Dean covers Austin and NW TX for us including Waco, Amarillo & Lubbock...areas which are often neglected by most other reps.

Cell: 832-630-4001. Email:
Gerson Marroquin:
Gerson is a full time Merchandiser. He assists in displaying and effectively presenting our products in the various showrooms throughout SE TX. Gerson is also bilingual.
Amy Brock:
Amy is our full time job cross-over specialist. She assists our entire team by thoroughly crossing over fixture schedules to our lines and aiding in the quotation process. This allows our sales people to do what they do best...sell.

Cell: 979-204-0102. Email:
Johnny Cicack:
Johnny is our new full time Austin & San Antonio associate. . As a father of a little boy, Johnny is highly motivated to get out there and "build his dynasty".

Cell: 281-794-8683. Email:
Matt James:
Matt is our Hospitality Sales Representative. He is very in-tune with the design and hospitality community in both Texas and Las Vegas, NV. Matt's expertise comes from working in this field on the retail side for many years.

Cell: 832-544-6445. Email:
Brad Hoy:
Brad is a tremendous asset with a wide variety of experiences. Brad covers the SW TX market for us including San Antonio, El Paso and the TX Valley as well as New Mexico.

Crystal Kelley:
Crystal comes from a lighting family and was destined to be a rep. When we learned she was ready we scooped her up. I can’t wait to see how far Crystal’s knowledge and experience can take her.

Ceasar Reveles:
Ceasar is a new hire and is covering the LA, MS, W. TN marketplaces. Ceasar is young and hungry...two of my favorite attributes in an account representative!

Kassandra Lopez:
Kassandra is a new hire and full time assistant for a couple of members of our team to help with the email and administrative burden.

Marilyn Mathew:
Marilyn is a new addition to our office support team. She will head up our quotations department.

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